How it works

We are the solution to make your digital audits.

Create your auditing templates and save them so you can use and change them whenever you need them.

Schedule Audits

Create your auditing templates and save them so you can use and change them whenever you need them.

Identify problems

Whenever, during an audit response, a point of nonconformity is detected, the system will assist in the management thereof.

Analytical Reports

When an audit is completed the predicate Auditor automatically generates reports that allows you to analyze, export and send to whomever you wish.

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Simplify your process

We help make your audit process simple and transparent for you and the auditee.

Intuitive, elegant and simple

We use a design based on the standards used by auditors to be able to quickly get the information entered. Less time spent learning to use the software allows the user to optimize their work.

Automatic Reports

No longer need manual data collection and reporting that takes days to be finished.
                         Predicate Auditor generates reports in seconds and can deliver them electronically to anyone in your organization for review, and to your auditee.


Optimized for all devices

Optimized for all devices, you do not need to buy any equipment to use it.

No need to install in your hardware

Predicate Auditor works with web based technology that allows you to access from any browser, just have to have internet.
                         All your devices and operating systems are welcome, being optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphone use. Predicate Audito


Here are some of the features that will help you with your work.

Smart planning

Optimize and make more efficient the work of organizing your team and resources.

Non Conformities

Whenever during the audit a nonconformity is noted, it may be subsequently managed.

Audit Schedule

Always have your audit schedule available and the templates to use.


Associate your audits with audited organizations. You will have segmented all the information by organization.

Shared Schedule

If you wish, you can collaborate with your team by sharing your schedule.

Send Reports

If you wish, you can automatically send the audit report to the auditee.

Meetings with the client

So before you start your audits you can write everything that was said in a meeting about the organization you are going to audit.

Audit Models

Need help inserting your current models? Our team can do it for you and make it available in your account.

Control your evidence

During the course of the audit, you can easily add photos as evidence of evidence.